Innovation and Sustainability

We have been providing services to several leading companies, selected governments, NGOs and other organisations delivering innovative solutions for business, bringing the highest value to our clients and assist them in addressing and managing the sustainability challenges of a changing world.

RADAR Assisted Shutdown on Demand

BIRDTRACK © is a radar based solution that avoids mortality of birds at wind farms by selectively shutting down turbines subject to operation under special environmental restrictions as a result of intense bird migratory flux or the presence of endangered species.

Ecological Monitoring

We provide comprehensive ecological monitoring services for public and private sector companies covering a wide array of expertise. We have extensive experience with complex and evolving governmental regulations, policies and guidelines.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We provide integrated solutions for managing impact assessment and approvals for your project. Our environmental and spatial planners, engineers and scientists work with you to understand your needs from concept to implementation, along all phases of your project.

Environmental Monitoring

We provide a wide range of environmental monitoring services combining years of experience with the best available techologies to deliver cost effective solutions and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Spatial Planning

We provide a wide range of spatial planning services combining years of expert knowledge of ecosystem functioning and earth observation data with geospatial and planning services.

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BIRDTRACK® - RADAR Assisted Shutdown on Demand

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